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Our blog intends to educate and entertain. Read some of Colorado Top Dog's thoughts on playing, raw dog food, socialization, and training. Our process allows clients to create the best possible human-dog relationship with their pet or working dog.

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Denver Dog Training

Colorado Dog Training It’s incredible how different creatures are capable of getting along. Appropriate socialization between species can take patience and time. Fortunately, Xena loves all of her animal friends. Her curiosity is infectious. Quite enjoyable to watch them get along and communicate. During your Read More …

Rainbow Bridge

Lucas Barksdale Dickerson It’s always tough as our pets cross the rainbow bridge. We will remember Lucas forever. We had countless days full of good times. He was born, not raised, in Compton. As a rescue puppy, he was given the golden ticket to San Read More …

Dog Behaviorist

Denver Dog Trainer Colorado Top DogĀ received a call about a rescue dog from a first-time dog owner. This client was new to Denver and contacted and hired multiple behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians. They needed help understanding how to rehabilitate their rescue dog to be a Read More …