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Our success stories are a reference to our level of professionalism.

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Client Testimonials

We were having a great deal of trouble training my dog Kiah on my own. She had so much energy and would hardly listen to me. Today its a different story though. Colorado Top Dog's services have made Kiah into one of the finest bird dogs I've ever had. Here is a picture of her pointing. Outstanding job! Thanks so much for your great work.

Jane and Kiah
Castle Rock, Colorado

Parker is an extremely powerful dog and used to pull our kids around so much they couldn't even walk him. Now after using Colorado Top Dog's techniques, however, Parker is obedient enough that he heels and listens to our youngest. Corey Douglas does great work! As a result, I will surely be back with our other dogs.

Aaron and Parker
Lone Tree, Colorado

It was difficult to get Hector to pay attention and obey commands. I wasn’t sure if I was capable of training him, so I decided it was time for some professional help. We were referred to Colorado Top Dog online and decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did. Now my dog has manners, he listens and I don’t have to worry anymore when I take him outside.

Jessica and Hector
Arvada, Colorado

My dog Eva loved to chase animals everytime we went for a walk. Colorado Top Dog came over. They spent time teaching me how to manage these problems and have a worry free environment for Eva. I did plenty of research on training and feel like Colorado Top Dog is the best as they’re very patient and quick with results.

Stephanie and Eva
Englewood, Colorado

Our dog Stanley was a terror. I decided it was time for some professional help. I called Colorado Top Dog. Low and behold, Stanley is now great! I can take him on walks, to the park, and not have to worry about other dogs or people walking nearby. Thanks for the tremendous job! Stanely and I have never been closer nor had as much fun.

Stephanie and Stanley
Parker, Colorado