Nuisance Behaviors

Fixing Dog Problems
Nuisance Behaviors - Fixing Dog Problems

Colorado Top Dog helps you address dog problems such as barking, biting, chasing bikes or squirrels, chewing, digging, getting on the furniture, fence fighting, mouthing, nipping, not responding when called, nuisance barking, jumping up, obsessive/compulsive behaviors, pacing, pulling on the leash, running away, separation anxiety, whining, and many others. Unfortunately, the list is endless. Our trainer will help you understand how to respond to these nuisance behaviors. Then, you can easily overcome most nuisance behavior problems with sound logic. We cannot wave our wand and make these problems disappear, but having dealt with most nuisance behaviors, we will point you in the right direction for a much-needed resolution. Whether dealing with your dog when returning home from work or learning how to cope with your dog’s separation anxiety while you’re away, our private dog training lessons can help!

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