Off-Leash Control

Off Leash Dog Training

Off-Leash Control allows you to communicate with your dog while strengthening your bond. It’s enjoyable to have a dog that is capable of enjoying Colorado’s off-leash open space opportunities. It’s even better to have the confidence that your dog will return to your side when called. Off leash control is a Colorado dog training “must have” to avoid liability of injury to your dog, other dogs, people and wildlife. In addition, it keeps your pet balanced, exercised, safe and socialized. Clients have the best success with off leash training by first building a positive reinforcement dog training foundation. Colorado Top Dog provides the best dog training system to help you succeed. By choosing us you’ll avoid applying unneeded pressure through improper use of corrective dog training equipment. Instead, you’ll watch your dog thrive with our enriched program for off leash training. Contact us.

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Off-Leash Control

Dog Training with Colorado Top Dog

Instead of offering a board and train, we offer tips to find the right training program for your family or lifestyle. Colorado Top Dog’s ongoing support for our dog training customers makes us the best dog training in Colorado. Virtual assistance through our online dog trainer option helps you between training lessons. We offer this assistance through email, FaceTime, Skype, text and videos. Practicing and becoming proficient with dog training exercises ensures your best chance at long term success.

Dog training in Parker, Colorado and the surrounding Denver Metro areas. Whether in the city, suburbs or the mountains, we can help. Contact Colorado’s Premier Dog Trainer at our dog training office today to start building the right relationship with your dog and to achieve reliable off-leash control.

Puppy Training

In need of puppy training? Our puppy training programs help you achieve a competent level of dog handling. The earlier you learn, the more you avoid the need for behavior modification. Solid puppy imprinting, management, play and training will increase your long term results in obedience. Contact us.

Off Leash Control