Off-Leash Control

Off-Leash Control allows you to communicate with your dog while strengthening your bond.  It’s nice to have our dog’s enjoying the Colorado open space.  It’s even better to have the confidence your dog will come back when called.  Off leash control is a Colorado dog training must have to avoid any liability of injury to the dog, other dogs, people and wildlife and keeps your pet balanced, exercised, safe and socialized.  Clients have the best success with off leash training by first building a positive reinforcement dog training foundation.  Colorado Top Dog provides the best dog training information to help you succeed.  Contact us.

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Off Leash Control


Colorado Top Dog specializes in private in-home dog training and instruction as well as board and train tips.  We offer ongoing support for our dog training customers through our online dog trainer option.  Upon completion of a program.we support you through emails, FaceTime, Skype and text.  Our goal is that you build a strong relationship with your dog.  There is a learning curve for some, some pickup right away.

If you live in Colorado and are in need of dog training to define boundaries for your new puppy, dog obedience training for achieving better off leash control around distractions, or obedience training to manage/fix behavioral problems, our dog trainers can help you achieve your goals. Contact Colorado’s Premier Dog Training at our dog training office today to start building a better/stronger and more enjoyable relationship between you and your dog.

Colorado Top Dog training is your source for solving dog behavioral issues in Colorado. We educate your home! Our dog training services include: puppy management, dog obedience classes, private dog training and group dog training classes.  Need help learning how to train your family dog? In need of puppy training?  Having obedience or leash training problems?

Off Leash Control

Off Leash Control