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Colorado Top Dog

Colorado Top Dog offers a successful dog training program, including training for dogs and humans alike. We intend to help you create a lasting bond with your canine. Because each environment, dog, and family is different, Colorado Top Dog offers personalized service utilizing balanced dog training techniques. Each dog training client is important; we prefer to start with a consultation. In the consultation meeting, we learn about your lifestyle, pack, and get a better understanding of your desired outcome along with what needs to be accomplished to reach that destination. Ultimately, we want you and your dog to have fun exploring Colorado’s mountains, trails, and relaxing at your Denver home. Once the consultation is complete, we begin the tailoring the training process. Learning from our unique programs will improve your dog/human relationship leading to a flourishing future. Sign up for a consultation now.

IACP Professional Member #2359

Colorado Top Dog is your trusted source for behavior modification and obedience training in Denver. We educate you and your family on dog equipment, dog management, civilized training methods, obedience training, puppy training, and learning how to play with your dog. Our dog training services include all stages of obedience, behavior modification, board-and-train tips, fetching, obedience training, off-leash control, online dog training, private in-home dog training, personal protection dog training, puppy management, and socialization. We are here to help develop from puppy imprinting to mature dogs. Our popular Denver dog training service includes one-on-one private in-home dog and puppy training sessions. This training program is designed to give both the owner and the dog keys to appropriate behaviors, responsiveness, and success. Our backbone for training relies on solving behavioral issues, obedience training, and nutrition. Understanding your role and learning our innate techniques allow you to handle and train the dog yourself. Ultimately, we strive to ensure everyone’s a confident dog handler upon completion of our program. Apprentice dog trainers, dog behaviorists, green and seasoned dog handlers/trainers develop further and gain advanced knowledge through Colorado Top Dog. This knowledge occurs in our train the dog trainer program. We help you take your dog and puppy training skills to the next level. Also, we offer logical tips for avoiding common pitfalls when searching for a good board and train program.

Colorado Raw Dog Food

Colorado Top Dog carries minimally processed raw dog food diets from Mile High Raw. Our main products, Aunt Jeni’s Home Made, Tefco Green Tripe, Mile High Raw Bison, and Tefco Performance Dog, are simple solutions designed for your pet’s nutritional needs. Conveniently thaw, apportion, and feed according to our raw food calculator. Your dog’s health and nutrition are important to us. Therefore we recommend you skip the processed pet food. Let us guide you to our winning solutions that are highly digestible as well as nutritious. Contact us.

Colorado Top Dog