Dog Training

Flexible Dog Training

Colorado Top Dog has been serving Colorado since 2005. Our dog trainer works with dogs of any age or problem. We understand the busy lifestyles of pet owners. Therefore, we work with your schedule. We recommend private dog training lessons. Colorado Top Dog teaches clients the appropriate handling, management and play skills for success. Also, we tailor each dog program to everyone’s unique lifestyle and needs. If you have special circumstances, contact us now to discuss.

Dog Training Solutions

There are many dog training solutions on the market today. Let Colorado Top Dog guide you in the winning direction. We offer professional advice combined with extensive experience in training dogs. Our experience is well over a decade and quite diverse. We’ve seen the majority of breeds, dog training equipment, dog training methods and dog training systems.

A true balanced dog trainer would agree that positive reinforcement makes the most sense. Especially when starting your puppy imprinting or your dog’s training foundation. For a complete canine training solution, adding equipment makes sense. Therefore, humane and proper use of equipment is imperative to a successful result. Training should include the owner reaching a competent level with both equipment and positive obedience training. Each owner should be required to participate in a significant amount of the dog training. Therefore, choose your dog trainer wisely. Their work reflects their background, experience and knowledge. Ask to see the trainer’s dog perform and have them demonstrate their dog’s skills. Also, be sure the animal is happy as well as healthy. For example, if the dog’s demeanor appears sullen, their head is down and/or the dog seems disinterested, move to the next dog trainer.

In Home Dog Training

Colorado Top Dog offers private in home dog training lessons for obedience. The best choice for a reliable solution. Lessons are great for teaching handling, management and play skills. Our Premier Dog Trainer arrives at your home and teaches the skills needed to create a harmonious and thriving relationship with your dog. This provides a comfortable and distraction free environment for the pet. It also allows us to understand your dog management style. Furthermore, we examine your dog’s current compulsive habits and problems. Your homework for dog or puppy training is 15 minutes a day. We also suggest changes to your environment, handling and management. The training is easy and may include lessons in distracting environments. In addition, we encourage clients to exercise their pet.

Online Dog Trainer

Colorado Top Dog’s expert dog trainer offers unparalleled assistance in your dog training solution. We offer online as well as interactive training. Our in home dog training lessons are commingled with remote instruction/online dog training. You are connected right at your fingertips. Most clients are very interactive and the results are clear. In our Colorado dog training experience, we have dealt with the majority of dog training scenarios. Therefore, we always create a strong solution that works for both the dog and owner. Our online dog training offers assistance through email, FaceTime, Skype and text. This solution works well for everyone and is a smarter use of time. Contact us.

Pros and Cons of a Board and Train

Colorado’s Premier Dog Training does not offer a board and train. Nor do we offer dog daycare or dog day play services. No dog needs to attend a dog boot camp or dog training academy. Most dog training franchises offer non flexible solutions with minimal variability in design. Dogs require more one on one interaction with their handler/owner. Not a board and train. If no other choice, a good dog board and train design is focused on addressing behavior modification first. In addition, the trainer should add to your dog’s obedience skills. Timeframe would be determined by the dog’s age, behavioral state and your goals. Any other guidance or shorter timeframe is likely an escape/avoidance method. This leads to poor results. Remember, not everyone is a dog trainer. Upon completion, the owner should be required to spend multiple sessions with the trainer.


Dog training is building proper behaviors. Also, a relationship with your dog. Inevitably, you must become competent as a dog handler. Handling requires good management, obedience skills and proper dog play. Implementing, learning and understanding proper methods of dog training ensures ultimate success. Colorado Top Dog makes your goals in training easy by teaching you this information. Remember, your dog handling/training skills will be the only resource available when you take your dog home or to the park. Consequently, more time with a dog trainer solidifies your understanding of how to handle the dog in different environments, locations and scenarios. To achieve your training goals, contact us.

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Behavioral Dog and Puppy Training

  • Barking/ Whining
  • Begging
  • Boundaries
  • Chasing
  • Chewing/ Digging
  • Come, Sit, Stay, Down, Place
  • Crate/ Kennel Training
  • Foundation Training
  • House Training (Potty Training)
  • Impression Dog Training
  • Jumping Up · Puppy Biting / Mouthing
  • Off the furniture (If desired)
  • Play/ Fetch
  • Separation Anxiety
Board and Train Tips

  • Begging / Food Refusal
  • Behavior Modification
  • Biting – Aggression Problems
  • Chasing
  • Chewing/ Digging
  • Come when called
  • Control While Excited
  • Down/Stay
  • Heel/ Leash Training
  • Jumping on People
  • Reactive Dog Training
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Sit / Stay
  • Stay On a Dog Bed
  • Wait/ Going Through Doors
Outdoor/Indoor Training

  • Aggression Problems
  • Biting/ Mouthing
  • Bolting/ Waiting at the Door
  • Come when called
  • Chewing/ Digging
  • Down/ Stay
  • Dog Conditioning
  • House Training/ Potty Training
  • Jumping On People/ Furniture
  • Nuisance Barking/ Whining
  • Personal Protection Dog
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Raw Dog Food
  • Retrieve/ Fetch
  • Sit / Stay
Dog Training

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