Methods and Techniques

Dog Training Methods and Techniques

Dog Training Methods and Techniques

Colorado Top Dog has years of experience in Denver with all ages, breeds and sizes of dogs. This enables us to apply the best dog training methods and techniques for your situation. Our dog training methodology and shaping allows for the most successful dog training solution. No confusing marketing gimmicks or sales techniques. Pure, unadulterated dog training and relationship building. We cover the gamut of dog handling, management, nutrition, obedience and play. Moreover, Colorado Top Dog is comprehensive in our teaching. Therefore, clients unlock how environmental choices and interactions with their dog shapes each forever friend’s behavior. Follow us and learn how we have become the leader of the Denver dog training pack.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Successful dog trainer’s credentials must include positive reinforcement training. Purely positive dog training methods are ideal for puppy imprint training or in starting a mature rescue dog lacking in dog obedience and/or manners. This dog training naturally works and is gratifying for both the dog and the owner. Also, everyone is a dog trainer with this method. There is no need for long technical explanations in our dog training lessons. We simply want to show you how to apply safe and positive dog training techniques. Using these to your advantage and understanding how to avoid the pitfalls of a unsavory positive dog training solution. Colorado Top Dog offers private in-home dog training in Denver and surrounding areas. This training teaches you to apply our constructive Denver dog training solution. Contact us for a positive dog training experience!

Negative Reinforcement Dog Training

Entrusting a highly experienced and skilled dog trainer with negative reinforcement training would be the logical Denver dog training choice. The trainer should have achieved a master dog trainer level and be capable of developing a working class dog. Any mistakes in negative reinforcement work can and will result in a lifetime of confusion for your pet. Therefore, choosing the right master dog trainer is key when introducing this methodology. Avoid apprentice, beginner and franchise dog trainers offering negative reinforcement as the main solution in their training program. Letters behind their name do not equate to experience and quality of training. They typically use terms such as any dog, any age, any behavior, any problem, and off-leash control. Their skill sets are typically limited to only negative reinforcement dog training and are void of a master trainer skillset. At Colorado Top Dog, we prefer to assist in the proper development of your dog for optimal obedience training with minimal negative reinforcement. If the trainer’s method doesn’t feel right, follow your gut and look for a more competent dog trainer.