Puppy Training

Puppy Management and Training

Puppy training (or juvenile dog training) is the first step in getting your new companion off to a running start. We help you understand practical dog training methods and skills to assist in nurturing your new companion. Our training core addresses barking, biting, boundaries, chewing, crate training, digging, dog equipment, house training, imprinting, kennel training, jumping, loose-leash training, management, mouthing, off the furniture, proper play methods, retrieving, possession, separation anxiety, socializing and whining. Negative reinforcement training methods tend to be counterproductive at this stage of your pet’s life. Therefore, reach out to Colorado Top Dog for the most compassionate, nonthreatening and realistic methods and pace. Our in-depth program’s approach is practical in achieving a successful lifetime dog training solution.

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Puppy Imprinting

Puppy Training

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Puppy Training Programs

Colorado Top Dog gives behavioral board and train tips and private puppy/dog training programs in the Denver area. As a part of our training program, we offer virtual assistance for our Colorado dog training and puppy training customers. This online dog trainer option keeps you connected to our master dog trainer via email, FaceTime, Skype, or text. Easily learn more while you’re applying the techniques at home or at the park.

Colorado Dog and Puppy Training

Our dog training programs help you define boundaries for your mature dog or new puppy. We also prep you with the foundation training needed to prepare for off-leash control around distractions. We are your source for solving puppy management and training issues.

Puppy Food

In addition, we educate our clients on raw dog food from Tefco. Helping you avoid the pitfalls of processed pet food will ensure your puppy is happy and healthy.