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Colorado Top Dog’s objective is to teach you the proper handling, management, nutrition, obedience, and training needed to create a lasting relationship with your dog. Colorado Top Dog is not a franchise dog training company. We believe in assessing each dog team individually. Also, we fashion training Denver dog training programs by designing them for each breed, personality, and temperament. We commission a wide range of techniques and don’t believe there is one method, solution, or technique for training each dog. They are individuals and learn at varying paces, just like us.About

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If you want a dog training company that can help you bond with your dog and give you desirable results, then Colorado Top Dog is the best fit! Corey Douglas is the training director and owner of Colorado Top Dog. Working well with people and animals alike, Corey has successfully trained many animals and owners with his techniques. His customers enjoy his teaching and his ability to help them understand the methods and design them for each unique situation. Additionally, he is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, enjoys gardening, live music, running, skiing, and sport dog training in his free time.

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