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Colorado Top Dog’s objective is to teach you the skills needed to create a fulfilling relationship with your dog. Corey Douglas is the owner of Colorado Top Dog and Mile High Raw. He is a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and enjoys gardening, hiking, live music, running, skiing, and sports dog training in his free time. With over 15 years of helping clients and their dogs, his intuition and knowledge contain valuable information. Whether training a working dog or pet, he positively influences each animal and handler. Therefore, start your education with him to continually improve your abilities, knowledge, and skillset in dog behavior and training. 

Along with assisting private clients and dogs since 2005, Corey stayed active through a few different routes:

  1. Corey helped rehabilitate severely abused and challenging dogs for many rescue organizations.
  2. He ran a weekly socialization and training class for puppies for over six years through a local veterinarian clinic.
  3. He spent over a decade in a local sport and working dog club, developing his skills. Agility, AKC (breeding and show dogs), Barn Hunt, French Ringsport, Mondio Ringsport, IGP, IPO, Schutzhund, Search and Rescue (SAR), and personal protection was the focus of club members.
About Us - Denver Dog Training

Gryppe, Corey, Calypso, and Katana (Left to Right)

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