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Denver Dog Training - Dog Training in Denver - Colorado Top Dog
Siberian Husky Xena Socializing With Horses
Colorado Dog Training - Dog Training in Colorado - Colorado Top Dog
Xena and Her Horse Friend

It’s incredible how different creatures are capable of getting along and socializing. Appropriate socialization between species can take patience and time. Fortunately, Xena loves all of her animal friends. Her curiosity is infectious. Quite enjoyable to watch them get along and communicate. During your Boulder and Denver dog training lessons, your dog will have numerous opportunities to meet different animals. Keeping your skills up to par is helpful, and you’ll enhance your pet’s chance of getting along with others. Colorado Top Dog will help you reach all of your goals. Update: Currently, currently Xena is escaping her yard to visit the creek at her new home in Arkansas. She must’ve made a few friends or wants a cool down from the flowing stream.

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