New Year’s Resolution for Your Dog


New Year's Resolution for Your Dog

Fitness, Food and Mental Stimulation

Colorado Top Dog urges everyone to incorporate their dog’s needs while thinking about New Year’s resolutions. A resolution for your dog should include dog fitness. Providing your dog exercise is important to their well being. We strongly believe they deserve more opportunities to go outside. Also, if they could choose how much exercise they receive, most would choose almost endless time out of the backyard or house. Therefore, take them to chase their favorite toy at the park. Jog, run, or walk with your dog. You could also plan a trip to take your companion dog snowshoeing this winter. Regardless of your exercising choice, don’t forget your canine.

Offering your dog a fresh, species-appropriate raw dog food will ensure they thrive both mentally and physically. Check out our sister company Mile High Raw for quality raw dog diet options. Read more about why to feed raw dog food. Their raw pet food options are readily available on the website’s online shop.

Colorado Top Dog’s trainers recommend appropriate exercise levels for each dog/owner team. Our private dog training lessons can quickly assist you in building a good workout regimen with your pet if the dog’s activity level is higher or lower than yours, no problem. There are lots of options for dog exercise. Colorado Top Dogs enjoy engaging in hiking, obedience control, and retrieving toys. A client donated our business a K9 scooter. Therefore, in 2019, Gryppe will be introduced to dog joring-mushing. Check out our dog training lessons and get started with your dog and build a better relationship with your puppy, dog, or rescue dog. Happy New Year!

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