Rainbow Bridge

Lucas Barksdale Dickerson

Rainbow Bridge - Dog Training Methods and Techniques - Choosing the Right Dog Trainer - Lucas Barksdale Dickerson

Lucas Barksdale Dickerson

The rainbow bridge is tough for owners. Unfortunately, it’s all too real that we lose our pets to old age and health issues. It’s ALWAYS tough when our pets cross the rainbow bridge. We will remember Lucas forever. We had countless days full of good times. He was born, not raised, in Compton. As a rescue puppy, he was given the golden ticket to San Diego, then Denver. Not only did he enjoy these great cities, but he was adopted into a caring, loving family that gave him the best life.

Most would say his Compton roots only showed when he fiercely protected his pack. Otherwise, he was a sweet dog with an unforgettable vibe. Very calm, centered, and sure of himself. A family dog who put a smile on everyone’s face. Lucas was capable of beating Colorado Top Dogs in a foot race. Not just a few of these dogs, but all of them. Mind-numbing speed, yet a calm, steady demeanor. Even after his prime, he randomly turned on his speed, reminding us of his impeccable racing skills. Alternatively, he was the right partner in crime on road trips and a great movie night buddy. I can’t remember a day when Lucas wasn’t the perfect example of a well-rounded dog. We will miss you, Lucas. Godspeed.

“What we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes part of us.”

-Helen Keller