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Dog behaviorist, Colorado Top Dog, received a call about a rescue dog from a first-time dog owner. This client was new to Denver and contacted and hired multiple behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians. They needed help understanding how to rehabilitate their rescue dog to be a part of their family. After many failures and problems, they intended to find the proper support. They did lots of research, then contacted us to help with their dog’s behavior. 

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Ranger, aka Ranger Danger, was their first pet, and you could tell they cared and were focused on finding a solution. If you’ve ever seen a kid in a candy store, you’ve seen a reliable comparison to this rescue dog. He was goofy, lively, and overly friendly. Watching his unique personality was pure entertainment. He is an excellent choice for a companion dog as there wasn’t any aggression, and his temperament was great.

Balanced Dog Training

Balancing this dog was the key to success. As a result, Ranger now loves going to the dog park and leash walks and is a valued family component. He has lived in Denver, Georgia, and now California in the last year. In California, Who’s Walking Who had the opportunity to work with Ranger. They assisted these clients with advanced obedience training. Who’s Walking Who found Ranger to be balanced as well as stable. He integrated into their pack perfectly. Ranger has become a kind soul and a well-socialized traveler. If you’re having problems with obedience training your dog/puppy and online dog training isn’t doing the trick, contact Colorado Top Dog. Combining in-home dog training with our online dog training program is the best solution—set up your in-home consultation today.

Dog Behaviorist

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