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Colorado Top Dog received a call about a rescue dog from a first-time dog owner. This client was new to Denver, contacted and hired multiple Denver dog training companies, met with dog trainers as well as a dog behaviorist, and inquired with veterinarians. They needed help understanding how to rehabilitate their rescue dog so it could be a part of their family. After many failures and still having nuisance behavior problems, they were intent on finding proper help. They researched dog training in Denver and landed on contacting Colorado Top Dog. Our behavioral program teaches proper dog handling skills, engagement, management skills. Our goal is you’re confident in how to interact and play with your new dog, puppy, or rescue dog.

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Dog Behaviorist


Ranger, aka Ranger Danger, was their first pet, and you could tell they cared and were focused on Denver’s best behavioral solution. If you’ve ever seen a kid in a candy store, you’ve seen a strong comparison to this rescue dog. He was goofy, lively, and overly friendly. Watching his unique personality was pure entertainment. An excellent choice for a companion dog as there was no dog aggression training needed, and his temper was great. Having bounced around while in the dog rescue system, he needed help from an experienced dog behaviorist for rehabilitation. Also, he had separation anxiety beyond most rescue dogs, minimal obedience training skills, and was a reactive dog. His favorite thing was to lunge at humans while on the leash. Living in a high rise was a challenge, and this client needed help. Even potty training was tough as they encountered multiple people on a leash every time they’d go outside. His owners were very active and enjoyed long walks and run in Denver. They understood Ranger needed behavior modification and knowledgeable Denver dog training guidance for rehabilitation.

Balanced Denver Dog Training

Balancing this dog using stable dog training techniques was the key to success. As a result, Ranger now loves going to the dog park, leash walks, and is a loved component of their family. In the last year, he has lived in Denver, Georgia, and now California. In California, Who’s Walking Who had the opportunity to work with Ranger. They assisted these clients with advanced obedience training. Who’s Walking Who found Ranger to be balanced as well as stable. He integrated into their pack perfectly. Ranger has become a kind soul and a well-socialized traveler. If you’re having problems with obedience training your dog/puppy and online dog training isn’t doing the trick, contact Colorado Top Dog. Combining in-home dog training with our online dog training program is the best dog training solution. We enjoy engaging with clients and help them make the proper adjustments so their dogs can have a wonderful, happy life. Our training helps you enjoy your dog in all settings, not just at home. In conclusion, Colorado Top Dog excels at teaching dog training off-leash and on-leash. Setup your in-home consultation today.

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