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Dog Behavior Modification

Colorado Top Dog

Colorado Top Dog offers dog behavior modification for pets and rescue dogs in Denver. Our program is a balanced dog training experience. Observing and understanding your dog’s current nuisance behaviors is where we start. Next, we tackle the worst problems and develop your plan for success. Any dog trainer not addressing behavior problems immediately is doing a disservice to your progress. Therefore, a quality program focuses on extreme issues first and foremost. In addition to our behavioral work, we teach obedience training that helps the dog lead a more predictable, productive, and relaxed lifestyle.

Quick Dog Training?

The timeframe to achieve a balanced state with your pet is variable. It’s the same with developing life long obedience skills. Some are capable of making adjustments and learning quickly, while others take more time. Therefore, how quick the adjustments express results should not be a factor. Consistent, worthwhile behavior changes and obedience gains are the results we achieve and expect with our clients. Also, offering the least amount of stress, while making gains, is our path to success as opposed to the speediness of results. Furthermore, past abuse or improper training is not a barrier to achieving stellar results with your dog. Contact us today to learn more about our dog training offerings and raw dog food.



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