Puppy Rescue

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Colorado’s Premier Dog Trainer rescued Calypso from a littler of Belgian Malinois puppies. She was the largest female in a litter of 6 rambunctious females and 2 males. This puppy rescue was over the top with energy. Her imprint and puppy training went well and now she’s an amazing pet as well as a working dog. Also, upon weaning, she was fed raw dog food. This helped her immune system kick in as her mother’s nutrition was processed pet food for the first part of her pregnancy. If you’re seeking out a rescue dog for your family, don’t rule out a rescue dog or puppy. They’re in need of homes and haven’t been scarred through improper care at such a young age. The only nuisance behaviors created would be through your own mistakes as a new dog owner.

Rescue Dog Training

Colorado Top Dog has rescued 3 dogs for their own personal family and work dogs. These are Colorado Top Dogs. If you provide a puppy rescue with the proper boundaries, environment and training, they will thrive. Most rescues are goofy dogs and are simply waitting for loving homes. Our Colorado dog training lessons combined with our online dog trainer option connects you with the information to succeed in training these goofballs. The lessons are easy and fun for your dog and the human. The online dog trainer option will keep you focused on moving forward with your handling and training skills. This balanced dog training is not a canned video presentation. We offer real life online training help. Furthermore, this program helps you with all stages of your dog training needs. Whether it’s, dog gear, dog training lessons or raw dog food nutrition. We have your answers. Contact us.

Puppy Rescue

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