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Dog Training in Denver

Denver Dog Training

Denver Dog Training

Denver and dogs go hand in hand. Most homes have 1 dog, if not 2 or more. Statistically, this state has 1.5 pets per home. The first question is, what must we understand when choosing the right dog? Secondly, what steps in Denver dog handling, management, playing and training should we take? These steps are important to help keep our pets happy and safe. With so much information available on the internet, it can be confusing. Hiring someone to assist with your dog training is an important choice and will be essential in achieving your desired outcome in training.

Choosing the Right Dog

First, you want a dog that mirrors your lifestyle and personality. Not only do you want to pick the right dog breed, but nerves and temper play a large part in choice. To understand this better, you can have a Doberman Pinscher or a Labrador Retriever that loves to chase balls, geese at the lake as well as curl up on the couch giving you the cute face and waiting for you to toss popcorn in their mouth. You can also have a Doberman Pinscher or Labrador Retriever that wants to sleep in the corner all day, watch you make dinner quietly and go downstairs to his/her kennel and sleep once the sun goes down. So it’s important to find the right temperament for your needs.

Are you active in Denver? Do you travel often? Is your dog attached to you 24 hours a day? Do you hike or like to walk/run in the city? Are you interested in any dog training sports, need a emotional support dog, personal protection dog, service dog or guard dog in Denver? These questions help Denver’s Premier Dog Training, and our dog trainers, pick the right dog. After all, they are like our children and become a large part of our lives. Once we understand your needs, it’s easier to meet dogs and get an idea of whether they are a solid match or not. Doing a temper test with likely candidates is key in getting your best dog ever!

Further Keys to Success with your Dog

Next, we need to make sure our dog gets a good start and their environment and human interactions are conducive to growing and  learning with the family. Colorado’s Premier Dog Training Professionals at Colorado Top Dog offer behavioral board/train tips and in home training/private lessons for obedience training. Our Denver dog training programs are designed to be easy, effective and focused on your goals.

If you want to backpack off leash with your dog, our big goal is to ensure the dog enjoys being in their pack moving through the woods, is safe out in the wilderness and won’t run off. If you want to run/walk Washington Park each day, we would want to ensure a solid heel command with no aggression, lunging at bikers or pulling on the leash. All of these are attainable with time, incorporating good dog training methods and patience. Our Colorado dog training experts assist with these goals and more.

Proper training and temper are key in helping you reach your goals. We have been training dogs/owners since 2005 and have trained 2nd, 3rd and 4th dogs for some families. We take Denver dog training and teaching to a whole new level! To sum things up, dog’s are a large part of this city’s culture. With so many dogs, we want to ensure they have an amazing, stress free life. We want your dog to enjoy as much as possible with their owners/family members. To accomplish this, we ensure effective dog training in Denver that is reliable for years to come.

Denver’s Premier Dog Trainer also offers an online dog trainer option and raw dog food in Denver. Contact us to get started.

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Denver Dog Training

Denver Dog Training

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