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The best U.S. state for our furry four-legged friends has to be Colorado. We have creeks, dog parks, hiking, lakes, ponds, and wildlife. Endless places to socialize rover, even in the busy city of Denver. Also, we have specialty pet stores for their various needs. They carry dog beds, raw dog food, toys, and services like boarding and grooming. In addition, plenty of holistic veterinarians, western medicine veterinary clinics, and businesses focus entirely on the physical rehabilitation of dogs. Our dogs deserve these things, and we must find the best match for the right products and services. Colorado Top Dog prefers businesses with quality products and services and good integrity.

Understanding Your Dog

Colorado Top Dog has trained most of the recognized breeds and many hybrid dogs, mixed breeds, mutts, and wolf hybrids. Each one of them is very different. We pride ourselves in helping clients understand how to communicate and understand the signals our dogs are giving us. Our training program is easy and fun to learn and multi-faceted to bridge the gap from a run-of-the-mill training school with a monotonous and outdated training system. Join our team by starting your obedience education today and learn the many ways to enjoy interacting and playing with your dog or new puppy.

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