National Dog Day

Calypso & Gryppe

National Dog Day

Gryppe (L) & Calypso (R)

Here are my current pups. Calypso has been the most fantastic dog in all scenarios. She’s a fierce guarder of the Colorado Top Dog vehicle, a great house dog, and often hilarious. All around A+ for this pup. Gryppe, on the other hand, is a bit chaotic, but still very loved.

Belgian Malinois’

Belgian Malinois are my favorite breed. They’re agile, athletic, curious, and wildly intelligent dogs. Also, versatile for dog training. These pups are multi-purpose and cross-trained to do many tasks as a sport or working dog. Currently, I’m working with them to cruise me around the neighborhood on a K9 Scooter. Always learning new things.¬†Happy National Dog Day!

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