Colorado Raw Dog Food

Raw Dog Food in Colorado

Colorado Top Dog sells affordable Colorado raw dog food. Tefco Performance Dog is our popular product and dogs love it! Meeting your canine’s nutritional requirements and designed from a neutral red meat protein, there’s no way to go wrong. Our fair pricing structure is designed to offer everyone a Colorado raw dog food at a reasonable price, without all the fillers. Tefco raw dog food is the perfect trifecta of current all natural raw dog foods. It’s fairly priced, minimally process (not cooked or pasteurized) and has a short ingredients list. Fortunately, this frozen raw dog food contains no corn, fruit, grain or vegetables. Just solid nutrition that is species appropriate for a dog. Contact us to setup a delivery for raw dog food in the Denver Metro area.

Why Feed Raw?

The benefits are plentiful. Not only is this exactly what a canine should consume for food, it’s convenient and simple to feed. Be ready to experience the benefits of a physically smaller stool movement that occurs once per day on average. Not only is the stool smaller, it’s also less smelly. Furthermore, you’ll be content with your dog’s clean teeth and fresh breath. There will be no need for a veterinarian dog dental. Simply clean your dog’s teeth as nature intended. Feed uncooked marrow bones. Most dogs would spend 30-60 minutes/week on a fresh marrow bone. Contact us.

Colorado Raw Dog Food

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