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Colorado Top Dog’s solutions for training your dog were designed to take the anxiety and worry out of learning. Our methods and techniques are constructive, easy, and work well. So, you can dismiss the need for a dog daycare or day play facility to wear out your dog. Who needs to spend thousands on a board and train or immersion program when you can complete this yourself? Therefore, learn how to develop your dog’s behaviors to a balanced and desirable state and achieve the trained dog of your dreams.

Dog Training Services

Our primary services are private dog training, obedience training, puppy management, and raw dog food delivery. In addition, we educate you about all the facets of training your dog in Colorado. Our diverse background and skill set will have you taking your dog out to your favorite hiking trail or outside dining area. What is your goal? We will help you work towards that target within the means of your ability to learn and the genetics of your dog or puppy.

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