Dog Training Tips

Winter Activities for Dogs It’s crucial to keep your dog content and exercised. Avoid being complacent with your dog in the winter by using our dog training tips. Colorado winters should include dogs, Denver’s city life, and mountain life. Here are some dog training tips and Read More …

Rescue Dog Training

Denver Dog Rehabilitation Connor, a Cardigan Corgi, came to Colorado Top Dog. He was showing aggression in some scenarios and had severe separation anxiety. This rescue dog took some patience in his training. He required behavior modification. Colorado’s Top Dog spent five weeks working with Connor. Read More …

Dog Trainer

Everyone is a Dog Trainer Colorado Top Dog is here to support your obedience needs. Our dog trainer offers private in-home lessons. Remember, obedience training your dog takes time, let us assist you as a professional guide. Sign up for a Consultation

Parker Dog Training

Dog Training in Parker Colorado Top Dog’s private Parker dog training lessons are fun and straightforward. Learning and understanding our methods has never been easier. We provide reliable results that are easy to maintain. Sign up for a Consultation

Dog Training in Denver

Now is an optimal time to train your dog. The weather is excellent. Attached is a picture of Winston, a Boston Terrier, who feels the effects of a dog training information overload and prefers to jump for joy, right into playing. This dog would run Read More …