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Colorado raw dog food is available from Colorado Top Dog and Mile High Raw. Our Boulder, Denver, and Colorado deliveries occur weekly. If you’re in outlying areas (i.e., Brighton, Greeley, Mountain Towns, or Pueblo), we provide meet-ups and pick-ups to receive your order. We distribute and feed our pack Albright’s Raw Dog Food, Aunt Jeni’s Home Made, Albright’s Beef and Lamb Green Tripe, Nordic Naturals, Steve’s Real Food Freeze-Dried and Frozen, and Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Mini Nibs, Raw Bar, Frozen Meals, and Single Protein Treats. Our product lineup includes frozen and freeze-dried, complete and balanced human-grade dog products. Alternatively, they do not contain inexpensive denatured, 3D or 4D meats.

Albright’s Raw Pet Food

Albright’s Raw Dog Food has carefully formulated its recipes to give your dog the needed protein, fat, bone, and trace nutrients that a dog naturally eats in the wild. Could you try it and see? You’ll notice the difference in your dog’s health, coat, and well-being. And your dog will probably be happy!

Muscle meat proteins are their first ingredients, followed by organ meats. Some recipes also contain eggs. In addition, their food has other nutrient-dense ingredients such as kale, dried kelp, cranberries, and sunflower oil. These will give your dog the necessary vitamins and minerals such as iodine, magnesium, selenium, and vitamin A. Albright’s doesn’t use synthetic vitamins in its products. The complete and balanced proteins available in 1lb packages and 2 lb rolls are beef, chicken, lamb, pork, and turkey.  Also, we carry 2 lb rolls of the duck prey model raw blend, dog food supplements, beef protein mix, and beef or lamb green tripe (1 lb packages available in the beef/lamb tripe). 2 lb rolls of all products are available and priced individually or by the case. In addition, we carry Albright’s frozen Goat’s Milk and Knuckle Bones. 

All ingredients are human-grade. Albright’s Raw Dog Food never uses 3D or 4D denatured meats.

Aunt Jeni’s Home Made

The source of high-quality ingredients and proteins and the results from feeding this brand led us to these products. Available dog blends are beef, chicken, fish, goat, lamb, pork, rabbit, and turkey. We offer these raw dog food products in cases of 1 Lb. and 5 Lb. Packages.

Furthermore, we carry Aunt Jeni’s Home Made Chicken and Duck Necks. Dogs love chewing on poultry necks, especially heavy chewers.

Beef or Lamb Green Tripe

Ingredients: Beef or Lamb Green Tripe

Tripe is the 4th chamber of the stomach of ruminating animals (buffalo, camels, cattle, deer, elk, giraffes, goats, lamb, and sheep). Instead of just one chamber of the stomach, they have 4. The food mixes with amino acids, digestive enzymes, and gastric juices in this chamber. After the solid matter of green tripe is digested, the enzymes and juices aid the animal in digesting and efficiently utilizing its food over several meals. Raw green tripe does not refer to the product color but the lack of processing. I have yet to meet a dog that refuses Albright’s green tripe! Available in 1 lb. packages and 2 lb. rolls.

Nordic Naturals

Nordic Naturals is the highest quality choice in fish oil products. Also, they supply your pet with their daily needs for omega-3s. Their Omega-3 Pet product is made exclusively from sustainably sourced anchovies and sardines. Their Pet Cod Liver Oil is produced from 100% wild arctic cod. Pet Cod Liver Oil provides your pet with omega-3 EPA+DHA.

Steve’s Real Food

Steve’s Real Food is available in beef, chicken, pork, and turkey nuggets in frozen 9.75 lb boxes and freeze-dried nuggets for complete and balanced meals or treats. Also, we carry their enhanced goat milk yogurts and fermented chicken or lamb protein bites.

Vital Essentials

We recommend Vital Essentials frozen and freeze-dried products. Mini nibs are available in various proteins, including beef, chicken, duck, rabbit, turkey, or tripe (full-sized nibs). Their freeze-dried mini nibs and mini patties work great as a treat or excellent raw dog food solutions while backpacking, camping, or traveling. Additionally, mini nibs take the mess out of using treats. Also, we distribute their Alpha-Prey Diet and Fusion Diet frozen patties, which are available in a single 6 lb package or by the case.

Boulder and Denver Raw Dog Food Deliveries

Colorado Top Dog and Mile High Raw deliver orders weekly to our Boulder County and greater Denver clients. You can order on our website and hear from us to set up your delivery or pick-up.

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