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Dakota (German Shorthaired Pointer)

Colorado’s Premier Dog Training is peerless. Our Premier Dog Trainer assists clients with aggression, behavior modification, house manners, leash training, nutrition, and play. Also, advanced obedience training, basic obedience training, crate training, distraction training, impulse control, nuisance behaviors, nutrition, off-leash control, pet training, puppy training, reactive dogs, and retrieving. Establishing a sound enrichment and exercise piece is also important. We have biked, hiked, ran, and swam with many dogs and breeds. There are numerous ways to outlet your dog’s need for exercise. Let us help design what’s best for your lifestyle. Furthermore, we offer emotional support dog training, guard dog training, personal protection dog training, police dog training, scent work, security dog training, tracking, and service dog training.

We prepare you to compete in dog sports or enjoy your pet. If agility training skills, cart pulling, dock diving, hunting, French Ring, field trials, IPO, IGP, lure coursing, Mondioring, mushing, police dog training, PSA, scent training, sport dog training, or Schutzhund skills are your goal; Colorado’s Premier Dog Training will help you develop them from the ground up. In addition, our trainer prepares you with dog-handling skills for all environments and situations. Upon completing a program, you’ll be glad you didn’t spend your time and money on a boot camp, dog daycare, dog training academy, dog training university, or total immersion training program. Upon completion, your skills for dog training within the Colorado community or your dog club/sport will be top of the class and on the podium. 

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