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Colorado Top Dog has offered comprehensive dog training since 2005. We understand pet owners’ busy lifestyles and the need for proper guidance in learning dog training skills. Therefore, we work with your schedule. Our private training lessons help you understand your dog’s behaviors and quirks. They are the best path for learning the skills needed to fulfill your pet’s needs and develop a thriving relationship with your canine family member.

Dog Training Philosophy

Effective dog training builds proper behaviors and a relationship with your dog. Shaping the right behaviors ensures a confident and fluid relationship with your companion or working dog. Remember, your skills will be the only resource available when you take your dog out in public.

In-Home or Outdoor Dog Training

Colorado Top Dog provides private lessons to assist you and your dog. These lessons allow us to get to the root of your needs. We will arrive at or near your home or a park. Furthermore, your homework is 15 minutes a day. The practice is straightforward and may include lessons in public.

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What to Expect in Our Lessons

Achieving your goals takes proper coaching, equipment, patience, repetition, skillset, tools, and time. In addition, our dog training lessons assist you in creating an alliance with your dog that is crucial to your success. Through the culmination of these aspects, you’ll gain the confidence to be a firm handler and proud pet owner. You’ll be involved in behavior modification, obedience, puppy training, or dog play. Once completed, we can move to advanced obedience techniques. This process has proven to be the most reliable solution for all clients.

Behavior Modification Lesson

If you’re starting your lessons with the need to address nuisance behaviors, we begin here. Typical nuisance behaviors include aggression, barking, biting, chewing, jumping on people, pulling on the leash, reactivity, and separation anxiety. Next, we educate behavior modification clients on the proper equipment, methods, techniques, and tools for success.

Obedience Training Lesson

Our dog training lessons allow you to see your dog or puppy work with our trainer. Then, to practice, with our assistance, learning to become proficient with each piece of the training process. Ultimately, we intend to (throughout lessons) teach your team vital obedience and play skills. In addition, training clients benefit from our positive reinforcement and balanced training methods for preparing a reliable to-come command, down/stay, fetch, heel, off, no, and place.

Puppy Training Lesson

Bringing a new puppy into your life can create anxiety, yet it’s exciting. It also presents the need for changes to your daily lifestyle. The main differences are the puppy’s essential need for your attention and time. Using your time efficiently helps curb any frustrations new puppy owners experience. Efficiency and quality training from Colorado Top Dog enable you to avoid the pitfalls of uneducated puppy owners. You’ll learn management skills, playing skills, cheerful reinforcement obedience, and socialization skills in puppy training.

Advanced Obedience Lesson

Colorado Top Dog’s attention to detail and fine-tuning skills will be paramount for achieving quality obedience. To start our advanced obedience, you’ll need to have your dog’s behavior problems under control and a sound positive reinforcement obedience system. Whether your goal is off-leash control, showing your dog, competing in dog sports, having a friendly pet, or a working dog application (herding or protection, for example), we can help you flourish using refined, balanced training techniques.

Training Lessons

Each lesson is approximately 90 minutes long. Our training options are excellent for clients interested in enjoying the outdoors. Also, it’s perfect for learning how to handle your canine partner in public situations and playing fetch. This option is best for clients who prefer to learn in the comfort of their homes and clients with specific behavior or obedience issues. i.e., barking, bolting out the door, digging, greeting guests, house manners, potty training, off the furniture, and separation anxiety. Colorado Top Dog travels to your location in the Denver metro area or Boulder County. Also, we offer private lessons via Facetime or Zoom.


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