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Top Dog Training by Corey Douglas
Dog Training

Learn how to train your dog.

Dog Behavior Modification Techniques that Work
Behavior Problems

Learn behavior modification techniques to help your dog.

Puppy Training
Puppy Training

Learn how to teach practical skills and nurture your puppy.

Board and Train
Board and Train

Board and Train dog training program works well for owners with busy schedules.


Colorado’s Premiere Dog Training Service

Colorado Top Dog offers a successful training program which includes training for the dog and the owner.  Helping you create a peaceful and fun environment for your dog is our goal.   Because each dog and family is different, Colorado Top Dog offers a tailored Denver dog training service utilizing balanced training techniques.  Tailoring our training is important; we prefer to start with a consultation.  In the consultation we will learn about your lifestyle, your dog or dogs, and get a better understanding of what needs to be accomplished to reach your training goals.  Once the consultation is complete, we can begin the training process.  Learning from our training program will not only improve your relationship with your pet, but help you communicate to your dog effectively as you grow together.

Our most popular Colorado dog training service includes one-on-one private training sessions.  This is designed to give both the owner and the pet a great path to learning.  We also offer a board/train program.  This program is designed for individuals without the time or ability to spend time training their dog.  Both options are very successful and sometimes we recommend a combination of both in-home and board/train to achieve your goals. Colorado Top Dog also offers group classes for continued education for off-leash control. Check out our online calendar for group lessons in Colorado.  We also carry a line of very nutritious raw food diets.

Looking for a Denver Dog Trainer?

Colorado Top Dog is your source for solving behavioral problems. We educate you and your family on dogs and training.  Our dog training services include: puppy management, dog obedience, private dog training, board/train, and group lessons.  We also carry a line of highly nutritious Raw Food Diets.

Hi Everyone!  Our year started off with some heavy blows…..but ended with a wonderful year filled with training pets, Black Diamond Working Dog Club and all of my amazing clients!  I couldn’t do it without your support!  Cheers to 2016…. and I wish everyone a fulfilling year!   (Here’s a few pics from 2015, and I hope to be posting more in the future).





My Buddy and Co-Captain.  You will always be missed.

Dog Trainer

Dogs who attend our Colorado dog training school will learn high-level dog obedience and off-leash control with distractions. We will also find a balanced diet and exercise program that the dog and owner will both enjoy. If you are looking for further training, we can help develop your relationship into one that includes a dog sport/competition.
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I was having a great deal of trouble training my dog Kiah on my own. She has so much energy and would hardly listen to me. Today its a different story though. Colorado Top Dog's services have made Kiah into one of the finest bird dogs I've ever had. Here is a picture of her pointing. Outstanding job! Thanks so much for your great work.

Jane and Kiah
Castle Rock, Colorado