Methods and Techniques

Methods and Techniques of a Modern Dog Trainer

Dog Training Methods and Techniques - Choosing the Right Dog Trainer - Belgian Malinois Calypso

Colorado Top Dog has years of dog grooming, handling, nutrition, and training experience. Our methodology allows for the best solution: no confusing marketing gimmicks or sales techniques. Instead, our in-depth programs will help you understand your dog. Learn about our methods and techniques firsthand.

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

A trainer’s credentials must include positive reinforcement training. This dog training naturally works and is gratifying for both the dog and the owner. We teach positive reinforcement methods and techniques using toys and treats in your home’s comfort or at a local park.

Negative Reinforcement Dog Training

Entrusting a highly experienced master trainer would be the logical choice when employing any negative reinforcement training method. However, any mistakes in their methodology can result in a lifetime of confusion for your pet. Therefore, choosing a qualified trainer is hyper-critical. If the trainer’s approach doesn’t feel right, follow your gut and look for a more competent resource.

Whether you’re looking for positive dog training or balanced dog training (a combination of positive and negative), Colorado Top Dog is here to help. We have trained thousands of dogs and their owners. We intend to develop your skillsets in the many areas required to be a competent dog handler.

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