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Colorado Top Dog recommends private dog training lessons. Frustrated pet owners and puppy owners seeking long-term solutions to their problems find these lessons enjoyable, informative, and rewarding. Clients new to having a puppy or dog prefer our private obedience and manners lessons. Active clients strongly prefer advanced personal obedience and off-leash control lessons. Finally, you can relax and enjoy your new dog or puppy. These Boulder and Denver dog training lessons help you explore the great outdoors with your dog. We prefer to start with a consultation. Our consultations are a great way to evaluate your dog and meet our trainer to ensure we are a good fit. From there, we can jump right into helping you experience the joy of being a responsible pet owner.

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Colorado Raw Dog Food

Colorado Top Dog and Mile High Raw distribute raw dog food products in Colorado that are complete and balanced. They consist of human-grade ingredients and do not contain inexpensive denatured, 3D or 4D meats. Deliveries occur in Boulder and Denver weekly. In addition, we provide deliveries, meet-ups, and pick-ups outside this area to obtain your order. Our current products include Albright’s Raw Dog Food, Aunt Jeni’s Home Made, Nordic Naturals, Steve’s Real Food, and Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Treats. These proteins, dog food supplements, and poultry necks provide excellent nutrition and variety for your dog.

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