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Behavior Modification


Behavior modification typically  begins with a phone consultation to understand the situation better and to grasp the current environment and training.  It is followed by training a solid foundation of obedience; we address behavior as we work through obedience.  We offer private training sessions as well as board/train.  Both may be followed by group lessons.  Behavior modification begins with a solid foundation of obedience.  If you’re ready to setup a consultation, click here.

Behavior Modification Dog Training in Colorado


  • Come when called, Pulling on the leash, Jumping on people / furniture, Chewing / Digging, Biting / Mouthing, Bolting / Wait at the door, Sit / Stay, Down / Stay, Place command, House Training / Potty Training, Nuisance Barking / Whining, Aggression problems, Separation Anxiety

Colorado Top Dog specializes in private in-home training and instruction as well as board and train services.  We offer on-going support for our training customers, upon completion of a program. We can support you through emails, phone calls, texts and/or group lessons (if needed).  Our goal is that you and the dog get the most out of your relationship.  There is a learning curve for some, some pickup right away.  It also allows them to grow socially and build more trust with their owner.

If you live in Colorado and are in need of dog training to define boundaries for your new puppy, dog obedience training for achieving better off leash control around distractions, or obedience training to fix behavioral problems, our dog trainers can help you achieve your goals. Contact our training office today to start building a better/stronger and more fun relationship between you and your dog. Click here for more training information.

Colorado Top Dog Training is your source for solving dog behavior issues. We educate your home! Our dog training services include: puppy management, dog obedience classes, private dog training, and group dog training classes.  Need help learning how to train your family dog? Having problems training your new puppy? Having obedience problems?

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Dogs who attend our Colorado dog training school will learn high-level dog obedience and off-leash control with distractions. We will also find a balanced diet and exercise program that the dog and owner will both enjoy. If you are looking for further training, we can help develop your relationship into one that includes a dog sport/competition.
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I was having a great deal of trouble training my dog Kiah on my own. She has so much energy and would hardly listen to me. Today its a different story though. Colorado Top Dog's services have made Kiah into one of the finest bird dogs I've ever had. Here is a picture of her pointing. Outstanding job! Thanks so much for your great work.

Jane and Kiah
Castle Rock, Colorado